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Free Websites offered by ZizzleZazzle.com

We have partnered with ZizzleZazzle.com to provide free websites or web stores to those that are approved and become a Website Partner under the partner program offered by ZizzleZazzle program. Click Here to visit ZizzleZazzle for complete details of the program, the requirements, application process, etc.. We have included a section in our forums, but more information is available on the ZizzleZazzle website.

What Is A Free ZizzleZazzle Website

ZizzleZazzle.com is on online retail store, offering 1000's of items at discounted prices. ZizzleZazzle, has partnered with A Unique Difference to perform the site design, hosting, etc.. AUD has been designing and promoting websites for 20+ years. A Unique Difference has specialized in the later years in SEO working with with Amazon, Google, Bing and others for many years now, to assist clients of A Unique Difference become more successful with their online experience.

At ZizzleZazzle, they came up with the idea to offer websites to others that would include all the products we offer. They would offer these database driven sites, allowing them to pick from various templates for their own personal look and feel, set their own prices, pick their own payment and shipping methods, and more. We would include the website design, a store manager that would allow users to add, delete or modify products, a shopping cart that would handle all the ecommerce, dedicated email servers and more. Allowing individuals to operate their own web store without having to hire a website designer, a hosting company among others, all with products already on the store without having to purchase or handle inventory.

Their Objective:
Say you're a member of the ZizzleZazzle program and have one of the websites, a customer visits your website and places an order with you for an item that you can purchase wholesale from ZizzleZazzle say for $9.99. The SRP (suggested retail price) for that item might be $29.99, but you decided to sell it on your website for $19.99.
(All orders will calculate shipping via the weight of the item, which is charged to your customer at the time they placed their order with you. So neither you nor ZizzleZazzle will be paying for the shipping expense, unless you change this in your shipping methods.)

Here Is The Process:
1. Someone visits your website and places an order with you.
2. You receive the order via email, you will receive all monies from your customer for the total amount of the order, including any shipping, handling, taxes, etc. This money will be deposited directly into your account, depending on the payment types you offer and what the customer has selected (credit/debit cards, PayPal, etc.)
3. You then log into ZizzleZazzle's Members Only site and place an order with them for everything they supply for that order entering your customers name & address in the shipping section.
4. They fulfill the order and have it drop shipped directly to your customer.
5. When the order has shipped to your customer, they will provide you with all the tracking information, in which you can pass it along to your customer if you so choose to do.
 This is strongly recommended and allows your customer to track their order via your website.

You make a $10 profit, they will make a small profit. It's that simple.

What Other Sites Currently Offer:
There are many companies that may offer similar programs. All of them will charge things like a monthly fee for your website (from 9.99 to sell a few items, some even charge as much as 179.99 per month for unlimited products). Some charge high membership fees ($200-1000 per year). Some charge setup fees. Some charge a combination of all of them. And most of these offer you a blank web store.
 (we offer empty and populated store fronts, the choice is up to you)

They Have Decided on a New Concept & This is the Idea:
If they can find great partners that are willing to advertise their website a little in order to make money for themselves, then they are willing to share the profits with them and provide them with a free web store to do it with!! 
It is real simple.....If you make money, they will make money!!! If you don't make money, they won't make money!!!

The Logic Behind This???
As with all business, advertising, advertising, advertising. Did we mention advertising? All businesses need to advertise in some form or another. The internet is no exception. Especially with a new business that is online competing with millions of other sites. If you are willing to spend the time and a few dollars per week or month for advertising and some time to work your online store, they are willing to eat all the costs to provide you with a website ABSOLUTELY FREE! They do expect all members to do some online advertising, we will even assist you with this at no charge to you.

Is It Hard to Do?
If you can browse the internet from a computer or smart phone, then you can run your own online business. There is nothing to download or install. Everything is done over the internet. You can run your entire online business with nothing more than a pc, laptop or smart phone with browsing capabilities and an internet connection!!

To become a member, you must first apply, then wait for approval. Once approved, you will be able to place the order your FREE website (allows you to choose the template, email addresses, etc). We will then build your site and let you know when it is ready. Then simply start letting folks know you're out there by advertising your site.

There is no types of credit checks, and the program is available to most everyone in the United States 18 and older with a valid credit/debit card and with internet. Please read the Requirements and Terms & Condition sections before applying[/quote]

Please feel free to visit ZizzleZazzle for complete details.

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