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Link Campaigns

Exchanging links (reciprocal links) with other websites is extremely important to you and your website. It greatly aids in much higher search engine rankings with all the major search engines if done correctly. It also creates free traffic to your website.

Key Benefits:
►Greatly improves you website rankings with all major search engines
►Free internet traffic to your website
►Personal and incredible service, not just a software application
►How does it help my website: The more websites that have links pointing to your website, the higher you will be in the search engines. We will use Google as an example. Google PR (page rank) is the amount of importance Google feels your site is to the internet. The higher your PR, the higher you will rank in Google when someone does a search from Google. This is similar with all the major search engines.

How do we differ from others link campaign services:
As with all of our services, we do this on a personal level as well. We do not use an internet service or just a link software application as most do, but we actually spend time on a personal basis going through thousands of websites to find the very best reciprocal links to your websites. That is why we provide the excellent results that we do for superb link exchange results. You are also assigned a personal Link Campaign specialist that will work with you on a one-on-one basis. Yes, a real person.

How we do it and how it works:
We first must go through a Setup process, we then offer additional Batch Runs or a Link Campaign Audits. Each are described below.

Setup Process
1 - We do the initial set-up, this consists of us designing pages that matches you website's look and feel (we can accomplish this 99% of the time)
2 - You provide us with key phrases or key words of sites you would like to link with (10 to 25).
3 - You provide us with an email address that is used for us to receive emails from new link partners.
4 - We will run your first Batch Run (see below) and create the new link directory html pages for your site.
5 - You provide us with access to upload (FTP) our work to your website.

Batch Runs
1 - We will scan and attempt to find up to 250 websites per run, all based on the key phrase or key words you provided us with during Setup.
2 - We will look at each potential site to verify they are of similar content and they exchange links. We will then verify we are able to contact them via email or by a form on their website. We will then check their Google Page Rank to make sure they are at least "1". (if you wish to only link with sites that have a higher Goggle Page Rank ranking, we do offer that service, see below)
3 - If we find them compatible, we will then add their site to your link directory, in good gesture, then send them an email telling them they have been added to your site and politely request they would provide a reciprocal link from their site back to yours.
4 - If and when they do exchange links, we will upgrade them to a "Link Partner" status and give them special treatment on your website.
5 - If they do NOT add a reciprocal link back to your website within 14 days, we will send them another email again informing them we will be removing their link in 7 days if we are not able to verify a reciprocal link. If after 7 additional days, no reciprocal link can be verified, the link to their site will be removed from your directory pages.
6 - Batches can be ran as frequently as you request, weekly, monthly or quarterly. We recommend at least weekly for the first 3 months and once a month thereafter.
7 - We recommend once or twice per month, since most major search engines only spider once per month.
8 - Audits are included FREE per batch run.

Link Campaign Audits
1 - A Link Campaign Audit is only for existing customers and is only to maintain existing links and adding links that have been requested from other websites.
2 - We will NOT be contacting potential link partners on your behalf, we will ONLY add compatible, link exchange requests that has contacted your website via the form we have uploaded to your site.
3 - We will remove all links on your site that are no longer providing a reciprocal link.
4 - This should be done on a per month basis. Your site will achieve a much greater result with search engine rankings by allowing us to run a Batch Run on a regular basis rather than an Audit.

Exchange Links with Sites based on Google Page Rank
1 - There are 3 different packages you may choose from depending on your budget. Bronze at $250.00, Silver at $500.00 or Gold at 1000.00. All three packages work the same way.
2 - Choose and purchase one of the 3 packages offered. This will deposit the funds into your account.
3 - We will then find and contact websites that exchange links with similar content to your website. When a website trades links with your website, funds will be deducted from your account based on the websites present Google Page Rank. For each site that we are able to establish a reciprocal link with, we will deduct $10.00 for each increment of Page Rank. For example, a reciprocal link to a site with a PR of 1, we will deduct $10.00 from your balance, a site with a PR of 6 will deduct 60.00 from your balance.
4 - You may also specify a minimum Google Page Rank and we will only link with sites that have that Page Rank or higher. The higher the PR, the greater the results will for your website.
5 - Naturally, the higher the PR is of sites you trade links with, the higher your site will climb in the search engines.
6 - Audits are included FREE as long as your account remains active and funds are in your account.

Order now or contact Client Support for further information or questions. Once your order has been placed, we will contact you by email or phone with all the details and requirements needed (new clients).

If this is a new Link Campaign order, you must purchase the one-time setup fee of $299.99 first. The first Batch run is included in the setup fee. You then can add additional Batch Runs or Exchange Links by Google PR at any time.

Link Campaign Setup Fee (per site) - Price: $299.99

Link Campaign Batch Run (per site) - Price: $99.99
Choose how often do wish us to run your Batches?


Link Campaign Audit (per site) - Price: $29.99

Exchanged Links by Google Page Rank (per site) - Starting At: $250.00
Select a Package

Select Minimum Google PageRank


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