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SEO Services

Though there are never any guarantees with search engine placement, we strive to make you the highest position possible.

We will go through your existing website, look at the existing code that is or is not search engine friendly. We will look for code that is skipped by search engines. We will make recommendations and make the necessary changes if you need us to or provide the information to you for your webmaster to consider. There are so many things that businesses do not realize or have been deceived by when a website is created for them. You may have the most beautiful website in the world, but it really means NOTHING if the search engines do not like it! What is it's purpose if no one can ever find it, other than the link you print on your business card?

We will look at or search for problems such as:
►Meta Tags - the "meta" tags are html code in a web page that is not displayed on a webpage, they include many things that search engines read, such as what you wish the search engine to display, how often to revisit your website, is your site safe for children and so very much more.
►Frames - If your web site is constructed using frames, as this one is, search engines will bypass almost all content if the proper noframes tags are not used in the html code. This is one of our biggest reasons for clients contacting us that tell us their website never achieves decent search results when their site has been developed with frames or iframes.
►Dynamic Pages - If your website uses dynamic pages, this can cause a major problem with search engines if the html code is not search engine friendly, to allow the search engines to crawl your dynamic pages.
►Submission - Has you website been submitted to dmoz (open directory project), most of the major search engines utilize this directory, including Google, Yahoo, etc.. Ask your webmaster when he did this for you, ask them what it even means or where it came from. Most webmasters today do not even know without searching the net to find out.

The website you are viewing right now was created and within 30 days could be found in a Google search as #2 in the world out of 428.000,000 million other sites using the search term "a unique difference". Yes, out of 428 millions other web sites that were found using those three words, we are already number two in the world under our .net name. And the number #1 site that beat us? It is actually our old .com domain of AUD that we created in 2003 and was lost by us 5 years ago due to cancer / health issues of the owner when he was forced to close down AUD. This websites creation date is 08.16.11, below you can see the screen snapshot from Google taken 09.14.11

(clicking on the links will open a new window or tab)

We cannot guarantee results in any of the search engines, but we do guarantee to strive to take your website to its highest level in all the major search engines that we possibly can. We do not use tricks like "browser high jacking", to fool you as it is so much of what happens to businesses today, we do not try to fool our clients with re-directs to fake website pages that are not even real. We simply work for our money. Maybe that is why we personally or  though our clients have been involved with the New York Times, CBS News, Sony BMG Records, National Radio Broadcasts, Local News Broadcasts, Magazines and much more. You see, without your success, we have no success!



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